Zayn Malik: My Critique of His Vocal Range

A Peek Into Zayn Malik’s Powerful Vocal Range

Zayn Malik One Direction Vocal Range

Zayn Malik’s Vocal Profile:

Let’s start out with the basics:

Zayn Malik is a Tenor. In the studio, he can go from A2 to F5, while in live settings he’s more conservative, going from C3 to F5. However, his highest recorded note is in a live performance where he sung an A5.

He has a very light chest tone, which is usually the case for tenors. This allows him to transition very comfortably between his head voice and his falsettos.

But in the event that he needs more power, he has been known to pull up his chest voice to achieve a darker sound. While he manages to make this sound good even in live settings, his technique for doing it isn’t very safe.

He has very good control of most of his registers, chest voice, head voice, mixed voice, and also his falsetto. His falsettos are especially pleasing.

Zayn’s Technique

Zayn uses the modern technique, no classical influence at all. If anything, his technique has a lot of rock colored into it. He has achieved a very balanced mix in his voice, not too chesty, and not too nasally like Adam Levine from Maroon 5. His belting however is quite worrying. Although he achieves a great sounding belt, he’s probably damaging his voice in the process.

zayn malik vocal range

Role in One Direction

Zayn has only ever sung in One Direction, and his role in the band is to take on all the higher notes and belts, even the falsettos. He’s one of the most prominent members of the band because of this, and this fact made his decision to leave the band all the more sensational.


Zayn Malik is a very good singer overall. I think that he sometimes uses questionable techniques on purpose if it means committing the best note to the song. His devotion to his fans and art is something I respect a lot about him and strive to emulate.

I am very partial to singers who go beyond rules and techniques to be as expressive as possible and move their audience, and Zayn Malik is a good example of that.

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Author: Hans

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