Want to Boost Your Child’s IQ? Look at this Pic!

Take a look at this! My favourite: Students who engaged in keyboard and voice lessons had the greatest increases in IQ. Voice lessons. What on earth does that have to do with IQ? You’ll have to ask the scientists. I can’t help you with that one. What I can help you with is the resource for you to start your journey in singing.

Seriously. We started “singing” since the day we were born. Well, it’s not really a “song” according to normal standards, but it sure was music to our parents’ ears! WWWAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGGHHH!! That was the high-pitched chorus.


music lessons make you smarter

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Over time, we started to get weird ideas in our heads as to what singing is all about and how you need to be “special” or have “talent” to actually even attempt singing. It’s turned in to an elitist art form where there are rules and forms and.. we have the puritans trying to keep everything their way.

That’s incorrect posture

That’s too much vibrato

You sound too ‘pop’. That’s not good music

That song is not in your range.

Your voice doesn’t suit that song.


Shut UP!

Singing is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE. Sing all you want, when you want, let nobody tell you otherwise!

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Author: Hans

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