How to Sing Rock – from an actual expert

One of my most popular posts have been on Per Bristow’s The Singing Zone program. He’s really good at simplifying the concepts involved in singing. I rarely hear him talk about specifics, because his main focus is usually the basic stuff such as releasing tension, developing the different registers and so on.

This video is something new from him regarding how to sing rock. This is the most excellent demonstration on how to thin the voice out instead of trying to force the chest voice to go higher.

I wish i saw this video earlier in my development. I have quite a heavy, grainy quality to my voice, and when singing high notes I tried to carry all that weight into the higher registers. It’s really a wonder how I escaped injury.

Anyway, if you’re like me, with a heavy chest voice, the video will help you learn how to thin it out.
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Author: Hans

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