Perfect Pitch 2

Hi guys!

How’ve you been lately? I’m recovering from a fever from 2 days ago. Raining heavily at my place. Anyway, I’ve been practicing the perfect pitch program, and recently found out a few thing about my ears:

  1. I really need to catch up on my listening skills. Turns out I can’t even differentiate an OCTAVE from other intervals. I’m very frustrated right now, so I’m taking a break to avoid killing myself. I’m comparing the note A with other notes and I got the octave wrong 3 times! Yikes! Back to the drawing board..
  2. I am getting very good at listening to “normal” pitches. By this, I mean speech level pitches. Seems like the higher/lower I go, it becomes more difficult to recognize the pitch colors. The lower I go, the pitches seem darker, until at one point almost every pitch seems “black”. Same with the high notes – the pitch almost seems “white”. Very interesting..
  3. I am actually hearing the color tones now. This morning, I woke up, grabbed my guitar, and attempted to sing an “A” with the vowel “Ah”. Then I played it on the guitar to check myself. I was right on!! =) Yay! Doesn’t always happen that way, but I find now that I am usually a semitone off. G# or Bb. Wow.. I’m really getting very interested in this perfect pitch thing.

Ok, guys, that’s it for now. Will keep updating you guys on my journey to find perfect pitch. Btw, I was so impressed with the Perfect Pitch program by David Lucas Burge, that i ended up ordering the Relative Pitch Ear Training Program 2 days ago. Looking at the state of my (very) undeveloped ears, I feel that it was a necessary investment. But I’ll focus on the Perfect Pitch Ear Training first. Happy Singing =)