Online Singing Lessons and how to choose one

Short of taste, smell and touch, most people in the free world use most of their remaining 2 senses on the Internet.  Sensory input has been revolutionized to the point activities like reading the (non online) newspaper and window shopping are fast becoming obsolete and Google has replaced many of these sources of information as a mega conglomerate behemoth of readily searchable information.

There is however a clear need to direct the interweb wanderer through the maze of information, the cacophony of noise if you will to the narrow path of true legitimate online singing lessons. I hope this article keeps your path safe from the evils of crappy YouTube tutorials, suspect parked domains full of advertisements, downloads laced with malware and Trojans in your quest for online singing lessons.

The purpose of this article is not to be an online singing lesson in itself but to help you cut through the fat and find those gems that are out there. Without further ado, my first suggestion would be to optimize your Google search. Most fraudsters would tag ads to frequently searched terms like online singing lessons or any other search term, especially if it starts with the word ‘FREE’ .Widen your search to include vocal training, vocal harmonizing, and vocalist training. These terms will yield more legitimate sources to satisfy your query. Don’t forget to browse the images, video, documents and articles results for online singing lessons (or the other search terms above). For the uninitiated those tabs are located below the search bar!

YouTube is another great source for online singing lessons. Users have uploaded tons of singing lessons from all over the world. However the main problem with YouTube is that the only form of quality control is the dislike button and comments section. I would advise you to stay away from using these parameters as a quality index as 99.99999% of all YouTube videos have been trolled to death by snotty grammar school gremlins since 1997.

The number of views in my opinion is a much better way to gauge the quality of the online singing lesson in question. A secondary indicator would be the like button as research has shown that surveyed respondents have shown higher levels of integrity and objectivity when selecting the like button as compared to the dislike button in a multinational study involving the evaluation of YouTube search results for the term ‘ funny cat ‘ .

Now that I have armed you with that powerful statistic, I urge you refine your search by sorting the results according to number of views and likes in the advanced search option. Tip: Most great music academies do upload great lessons taught by their resident experts.

You could try entering the names of such institutions, Julliard, Berklee, and Vienna Conservatory in the advanced search tab. You would be pleasantly surprised at the quality of online singing lessons which might not get a high number of views. Take time to sift through the results and I’m pretty sure you will find those great online singing lessons I’m talking about. When you do, please share them of leave comments for the content owner or if you are moved to do so , you can pledge a donation as sign of your gratitude.

All that is left is for you to skip reading this paragraph and launch your browser or app and get started. And please do recommend these tips to the next person you meet looking for online singing lessons!
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Author: Hans

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