Learn to sing at home

With all the talent shows popping up right now, some people have started to wonder if they have a hidden singing talent somewhere. Singing is really popular. In fact, if you watch tv shows like X-Factor, you’ll find that most of the time, the finalists are singers.

This is despite the fact that the shows aren’t for singing, but for any talent out there. And if you watch the show, you’ll see all kinds of weird stuff people do to get those 15 minutes of fame.

So what will this article be about? Learn to Sing? Sure, that’s what the internet needs.. another “learn to sing” article!

Nope, in this article we will be discussing things that you shouldn’t do when you’re just starting out.

 1)    Worry about the technical stuff: this is really common with newbies. I mean doesn’t all that theory sound really cool? Tempo, whether you’re “pitchy” or not, are you “sharp” or “flat” when singing etc etc etc.

2)    Not getting the basics down: This is the polar opposite of the point above. While some people get too caught up in the technical stuff, others refuse to even look at anything theory related and decide to just wing it forever. Good for getting really tired really fast, bad of you actually want to learn to sing.

3)    Believing in the “talent” nonsense: This is a really huge road block for most people. Most people never even start, or just decide that they’ll only ever sing in the shower. Schade.. This myth is already busted.

4)    Unable to work hard: If you have this, then you’ll fail not only in singing, but in life itself. You need to keep yourself on the up and up. You need to practice constantly, come rain or shine. We’ll discuss some tips on this below.

 So there you have it: the four things that’ll stop you from learning to sing. So how do you overcome these icky roadblocks? Thought you’d never ask!


 Technical stuff:

 Sure you’ll need to learn all that stuff eventually. That’s the operative word right there: eventually. If you don’t even have basic voice control – this means that in your most comfortable range, you can  sing on pitch –  then there’s no point of knowing about head voice, sharp, flat, etc.

The key is to get these things gradually. In the beginning, you should sing 90% of the time, and study theory 10% of the time. Sing! Just sing! Sing a lot, and then sing some more.

The more you sing, the more you’ll be able to “feel” your own voice. You’ve used your voice for speaking, but maybe not so much for singing. Let your voice get used to it. It doesn’t matter how you sound at this point. Just do it!


Not getting the basics down

After a few weeks of non-stop singing every day, you’ll start to notice that you are more connected to your voice. You’re able to sing your favourite songs and know when you’re making mistakes. Or at least you’ll start to notice.

This is when you should go a bit into theory. Things like intonation and tempo are vital. These things are actually habits. If you build your intonation habits early on, sounding great when singing will be automatic.

Don’t go crazy on the theory just yet! Tempo and intonation is enough for now.


Believing in the talent nonsense

 I won’t get too deep into this, because this has been argued to death. Let me just give you my take on it:

Talent does exist. People have different talents. My voice, for example is more suited to jazz, rock, and pop singing. I can’t sing opera or blues. Country sucks for me too.

I don’t think there’s such a thing in this world as a voice that’s perfectly versatile. My opinion!

But if you’re just starting out, chances are you don’t even know what you can do with your voice. So stop frettin’, start singin, and find out!

I’ve tried to build my voice to the higher registers. I kind of made it, but I decided that I don’t like the sound of my voice when I sing too high. Does that  mean I’m a less talented singer compared to someone who can “belt it out”?

I don’t think so. There are a lot of singers who’ve made it big with just enough technical ability. Sometimes not even enough!

As for singers who can really sing but can’t actually get their careers going? Just watch American Idol.


Unable to work hard:

As long as you keep singing, you’ll become more aware of your voice. Remember the 90% singing and 10% theory? You’ll have to get the theory part up more and more as you go.

But not more than around 30%. I’ll give you an analogy for you to get this image in your head:

Picture a car. Picture yourself in car, hands on the steering wheel. If the car is not moving, what happens if you turn the wheel? Nothing!

Let’s say you move the car at 10km/h. Now if you turn the wheel, you actually change direction.

Well, the car is singing, and the wheel is theory/knowledge. It doesn’t matter what knowledge you have, if you’re not practicing, it’s useless.

I’ve met plenty of singers who can’t teach worth a damn because they never pay too much attention to theory. They’ve just been singing for years.

I’ve also met a lot of singers with great theoretical understanding but are hopeless singers. Go figure.

Hope this helps you in your journey to learn to sing. Please share this so that there are more singers in the world. Singing beats war any day. Cheers!

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