What Kind of Vocal Range Am I?

This is a question that I get all the time. It’s a very important question, but it’s a lot simpler than most people try to make it.

It’s really not complicated.

I’m not going to magically tell you what vocal range you are from my computer screen. I’m not THAT good! But what I can do is to guide you on how you can determine for yourself which vocal range you are.

Guide: How to Tell Which Vocal Range You Are

1) Record your voice singing your favorite song

Change the key if you have to. Get it to the point where it  sounds the best at your level of skill.

2) Listen to the recording

You’ll likely cringe a few times through the whole recording. That’s okay, hang in there. You’re not alone. Most people don’t like the sound of their own voices.

3) Notice where the prettiest parts are

After you’ve gotten over hating how your own voice sounds (took me 8 listens), you can now focus on listening in to find the parts of your singing that are particularly good. Look for parts where your voice sounds very rich, very colorful, and just very pretty overall.

4) Get a (gasp!) second opinion

As if listening to your own singing wasn’t hard enough! But hey, you want to know what vocal range you are right? So do it! To make it easier, you can submit your singing to forums or blogs so that you can get your answer while remaining anonymous. If you want to submit to me, leave a comment below, so that I can set it up.

5) Enjoy your new found knowledge!

Once you have confirmation from a few strangers which part of your voice sounds best, you can then focus 80% of your time practicing in that range. It’s a lot easier when you focus on your strengths instead of trying to muscle through vocal ranges that don’t agree with your voice.

Hope this helps! And happy singing!

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Author: Hans

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