10 strange ways to stay healthy! You’ll love no 1

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Sooo… What have we here? 10 Strange Ways to be healthy and guess what is item no. 9? SINGING!! YAY!! Singing is the best thing you can ever do when you are in doubt. When in doubt, SING! In fact, sing when you’re sad, sing when you’re happy, sing when you’re angry, sing when you’re tired, sing when you’re scared, when you’re bored, or surprised, or excited, or even if you’re not sure what you feel!

I am not gonna shut up about this anytime soon. So why don’t you just get off your ass and start singing now? It’s good for you in more ways than one. You know what, scrap that. You don’t have to get off your ass. Just sing where you are. Go ahead. Pick a song, any song. Sing it. Now!




.. Hey, are you still reading this?! Go and Sing!!

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