How to improve your singing voice

Many people dream of going on hugely popular television shows such as X-Factor and American Idol, but if you want to sing in front of the world it is essential to learn how to improve your singing voice. There are many things you can do to help train your voice and sound great and by following the tips listed below you will become a better singer and maybe one day be the next big thing!

Tips for how to improve your singing voice

1. Achieve a rich tone

To do this open your mouth as wide as possible while keeping your muscles loose around the jaw. Firstly drop your bottom jaw by breathing in slowly as if you were about yawn without actually yawning. Using your tongue, you will increase the amount of space in your mouth that will allow a stronger tone to come out.

When doing this try to take in as much saliva as possible so your mouth is completely empty, allowing your voice to come through clearly. Ensure your tongue isn’t sticking out by moving it forward so it is gently touching the back area of your front teeth. Lastly, make sure your throat is clear, relaxed and open, ready for hitting that perfect note.

2. Articulate

One of the most important things taught in how to improve your singing voice is to ensure people can understand what you are singing. Use all your muscles, in both your tongue and lips to shape the sounds as they emerge and ensure it is crystal clear what you are singing.

3. Posture

When you watch people singing and hitting incredible notes, it is clear that they have great posture. It is incredibly important to sit or stand up straight, don’t arc your back and have you chest held high. Ensure you head doesn’t bobble around or stick out but try and keep a perfect line between it and your neck, back and bum. This will allow a clear airway for perfect singing.

4. Breath Correctly

Improving your breathing is an essential step to take in working out how to improve your singing voice. Be sure to always take long deep breaths as shallow breathing won’t allow you to hit the perfect notes. As you inhale your abdomen will expand, creating more room for air to rush in and when you sing your abdomen will deflate, pushing the air back out. By keeping your muscles relaxed you can control your breathing much easier. Doing breathing exercises can help you learn how to improve you singing voice.

5. Find a Good Teacher

Many people believe they can learn how to improve their singing voice by themselves and there is certainly things you can do to help but seeking the help of a professional is always advisable. Good singing teachers will not only give you excellent tips and tricks in how to improve your singing voice but also offer constructive feedback and advice.

By using a singing teacher you can learn the basics of how to improve you singing voice and then when you feel comfortable learn the more advanced techniques. A teacher can also help you discover a style that suits you and help train you in that particular genre. If you are unable to afford a private teacher there are other options such as community programs that offer the same experience.

6. Don’t Eat Before Singing

You shouldn’t eat anything up to thirty minutes before singing as it can block your airways and cause you to cough during a performance. Also, if you are serious about how to improve your singing voice then avoiding alcohol is strongly suggested. It is also best to avoid drinking milk, especially on the day of a performance. Water is the absolute best thing you can drink and by drinking plenty of water you will be taking an important step on the path of learsrning how to improve your singing voice.

7. Listen Closely to Other Singe

All the professional singers you hear on the radio and television are constantly taking steps to improve and if you listen closely you will notice aspects of their voice that you haven’t recognized before. By listening to how they breathe, control their voice, articulate their words and stand you can use them as a base of how to improve your singing voice.

If you have a particular singer you like and another you don’t like, take some time to listen to them both closely. Find out what it is that you like about the one singer that you don’t like about the other. Is it their breathing, their voice, their stance, their appearance, their attitude? Use this information to learn how to improve you singing voice.

8. Be Yourself!

The most important thing to do when performing and learning how to improve your singing voice is to be yourself and have your own style.

Things to avoid

Everyone has tips and opinions on how to improve your singing voice and most of them are great advice. However, be aware of the following advice that can actually harm your progress and should be avoided.

A popular tip given when asking how to improve your singing voice is to add lemon to water. This is really poor advice as lemon can dry out you voice leaving it sounding strained and dry.

If you are having problems with tense muscles, standing in the wrong posture, using the incorrect amount of breath then try to address the problem by relaxing. When you ask how to improve your singing voice, look first at these problems and address them.

Everybody loves to sing and more and more people look for ways to make a living out of something they enjoy. If you want to sing with your own style and get up on stage in front of the world then learning how to improve your singing voice is a must.

By following the tips listed above you can grow in confidence with your singing abilities and become a great singer. By putting time and effort in you will learn how to improve your singing voice and become the next American Idol in no time!

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