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Okay, so you just came back from a concert or maybe just finished watching a Youtube video of your favourite artist/band.

It was amazing! You were amazed, impressed, and confused at the same time.. it was so good! How is this possible? It’s almost superhuman!

It’s almost superhuman the way the singer awakens emotions inside of you even when you were on guard and promised, PROMISED yourself you won’t cry!

It’s almost superhuman the magnitude and the sheer spectrum of feelings you get from that one concert. It wasn’t cheap, but boy, you can’t wait to give them your money again!

It’s almost superhuman to think that all this was done just by using the human voice.

So you think to yourself: “that’s what I wanna do! If I’m gonna get good at something, it’s gonna be singing!

So you put your head down and do your research. And you get more information. And more information. And even more..

Pretty soon, you’re overwhelmed! Scales, trills, registers, warm-ups, etc. Everything from what you should avoid eating to how your body position should look like..


That’s the voice I heard in my saturated head when I was trying to learn to sing. The information out there was so abundant and so varied, not to mention contradicting.

There has GOT to be a better way – I thought..

This course was put together for people who just want to learn to sing. You just want to get the basics down. To sing a song that you like and not absolutely butcher it. You’re not interested to be a professor of vocal theory.

You. Just. Want. To. Sing.

What you get from the course:

  • Simple, straightforward exercises to get your voice in shape. No confusing theory.
  • Incredibly intuitive exercises that you can do anywhere. No more struggling to “find the mask” or “imagining a ball in your throat”.
  • No guesswork. You’ll know if you’re doing it right.

If you haven’t got the basics down yet, then there’s really no need to spend money on expensive courses and classes.

Those are useful when you decide to specialize, let’s say go deeper into the jazz niche, or be a country singer, or even opera.

If you just want to friggin sing, get the free course:

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