Head voice or chest voice? This guy doesn’t care!

This video is a great case study of what you can achieve if you work on controlling your vocal chords. At first glance, he may seem like an anomaly – a genetic freak.

But for those of us who’s done what he’s obviously been through, it’s obvious what’s happening:

1) first he masters his head voice and chest voice separately.

2) then he masters his mix: the ratio of head and chest that’s suitable for him and his art.

The only thing I found weird is just why he chose to develop it that way:

He managed to thin out his higher registers but with just enough compression and chest resonance in the mix to make him sound like a girl singing those high notes.

Phew! Just the fact that he could even reach those notes is impressive enough already!

For normal guys, sing in the same range would produce more bass overtones, thus making you sound like.. well.. a guy!

This is a prime example of what’s possible if you understand and practice the concept of sound mixing – using your body to mix together whatever sound you want for your art!

Enjoy the video below!

superior singing



Author: Hans

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