Developing as a Singer

Your development as a singer is dependent on only one person – you. Development may mean a lot of different things, and may start out and end differently than you planned. In developing yourself as a singer, there are a few things that in my experience are worth giving some thought to:

  1. Journey – Why do you sing? What is it about singing that you resonate with? What’s the ultimate gain that you want to achieve from mastering this craft? There are levels in which the audience relate to the artist. Which level are you at now? Which level do you want to be in eventually? How much are you willing to let the listener into your life?
  2. Path – How are you going to get there? The questions above are more about direction. How about action? There are a bajillion techniques and methods out there that you can explore. More than you can explore in a lifetime. Screw that, make it 2 lifetimes! How do you choose? which ones resonate with you the most?
  3. Values – What is it all for in the end? Are you doing it for personal satisfaction? to change people’s lives? to make money? Nothing wrong with any of those, but have you decided? If you sing for charity, what if an offer comes up that rewards you financially? If you sing for personal gain, what if nobody notices?

Why am I asking these questions? Because they are necessary for your improvement as a singer and as someone who expresses themselves through art. Art is about expression, they say. But it’s also about self-discovery. After all, people come to hear your expressions, why? What for? The only answer to that is they are hoping that by listening to your expressions of yourself, they might discover something more about themselves.

You, the singer, are the leader who leads the audience to explore subjects, topics, some close to their hearts, some not. The only way you can do that is if you have something to say. Doesn’t have to be something new, you can revisit past works and explore them from different angles. As long as you can give the audience something to bring home and assimilate into their lives, they will keep coming back. And you will, too!

Go through the questions above, and get as many of them answered as you can manage (preferably all of them). This is your chance to discover yourself, and that will lead you to the final answer: what you have to offer to this world. And due to the fact that not many people know this answer, they will accept you as leader. Happy singing! =)

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