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This post is a follow up from a previous post about vocal exercises. Now that you know about vocal exercises and which part of your voice they’re meant to develop, you should be able to design for yourself your very own vocal training program.

This is a crucial step in your development as a singer to keep you focused on whatever it is you want to accomplish at the moment.

So how do you go about building your own vocal training program? Easy. You need to design a program that does 2 things:

1) Take advantage of the abundant willpower you have when starting out as a singer/musician

2) Channel that willpower to get results which will give you more encouragement.

More encouragement = more work done = more results. And so on and so forth until you reach the desired level in your singing.

A word about willpower Р what it is and how it behaves:

Willpower is used as both the excuse not to try (I don’t have enough willpower to pull that off) and as an excuse for running out of steam (I ran out of willpower).

Despite the second excuse, we seem to not want to accept that willpower is temporary at best. We search for more willpower. Some go listen to motivational speeches, or videos, or audio tapes/cds, because they want a “top up” of their willpower.

This is very expensive and time-consuming, and worst of all – doesn’t work! Willpower is not what you need to continuously do the things you know you need to do. Willpower is what you need to develop habits. Habits will get you to continue doing things you know you need to do.

When you develop your program, make sure to get as much practice as you can in the first few days. Make the exercises simple so that you can repeat it many times without having to figure anything out.

The last thing you need in your program is to have a lot of stuff to figure out before you can do anything. Thinking feels like work. That’s how the mind tricks you into feeling like you’ve actually done something. The truth is, you haven’t done anything. You’ve just thought about a lot of stuff.

If you want access to simple exercises to get you started, you can register for my Free Singing Course. The first exercise is designed to be just that. Very simple, nothing to figure out. Just watch the video and follow along.

This will do 2 things for you:

1) It will get you results. More work=more results. That’s just life.

2) It will start building your habits. Because it’s simple, you’ll start to do it automatically without even thinking. That’s what habits are. The ability to do something without even thinking about it.

Once you’ve got the first exercise down, you can go on and add the second exercise and so on. Don’t add more exercises before you’ve mastered the first exercise.

A lot of people do this because they want “variety” and to “mix things up a bit”. Well, guess what? You’re thinking. And you’re not building your habit.

Do one exercise for 2 weeks at least before upgrading to the next. If you’re bored, use your willpower to keep you on track. It’ll only last for around 2 weeks anyway.

But after two weeks and you’ve started to see results, you won’t need to rely too much on willpower any more. You will be genuinely motivated to continue.

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Author: Hans

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