Computer Scientists team up with Voice Coaches to create vowel recognition software

What happens when computer science and singing cross paths?

Answer: a free singing tool gets developed!

Professor Ehsan Hoque wanted his computer science students to consider real life
problems when doing their computing.

Professor Katherine Ciesinski wanted a way for her vocal students to learn their vowels without using cumbersome tools that get in the way of their singing.

So, they teamed up!
The result of this is a free software that uses visual cues to help singers recognize the integrity of the vowels when they sing. This is a really exciting breakthrough for singers all over the world.

Before this, if you wanted to test out something new, like opening up your mouth wider for a vowel, and narrowing it down just to see what happens, you would need to record yourself, and then listen to the recording to hear the difference.

With this software, you can see the results as it happens! The software uses colours to let you know how close you are to having a good vowel sound. Imagine that!

The article is a bit academic for my tastes, but here’s a short video explaining how the whole thing started:

and here’s the download link to the free vowel training software:

Happy singing!



Author: Hans

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