Brett Manning’s Singing Success Program


Here’s a before and after video of my voice improvements after using the Singing Success Program for 3 months:

I hope this inspires you to start singing TODAY!


Brett Manning Singing Success Program is very useful for beginners to learn the basics of singing like pros!

I’ll walk you through what the features are, and how I used the program to get good results with my singing voice.

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Anyway, on to the review:

When I bought this program, these were my needs:

1) A program that’s systematic and simple to use

I basically need something that’s simple so that it’s easy for me to practice everyday and remain consistent. I don’t really practice everyday, though, because singing is more like a hobby for me. But if I have like events where I need to perform and sing, I need something that is simple and systematic so that I can go straight into the practice session.

Something that can be used in pen drive

I’m a salesperson which means I spend a lot of time in my car. I spend most of that time in traffic jams because of the bad traffic system where I live. Anyway I figured if the product was digital and can be used in usb drives, I could turn those traffic jams into vocal practice sessions

3) Something that taught me not just the scales and trills and other vocal drills, but I also want to understand why I need to do those drills and why those drills in particular

Which areas of my voice do these drills work on? This was important to me, because I’ve had a few teachers in the past (no singing teachers) who took the approach of “Just do what I say, and don’t question it. Just trust me!”. The problem with that approach is that doing scales and trills are boring, and if you don’t know how they would benefit you, it’s very easy to lose motivation and quit altogether.

4) I want something that’s based on natural methods, that don’t force anything

I’m a drummer, and any good drummer knows that if you don’t practice the proper way, you’d get carpal tunnel, which is when the joints of your wrists wear out. It’s really painful according to some of my friends who’ve gone through it. With singing, it’s vocal nodules. With delicate vocal folds in singing, the “no pain, no gain” principle does not apply. I want something that I know is safe. Period.

5) I want to be able to choose which part of my voice I’m going to develop first

When I bought the program, I had really good tone and intonation. I wanted to increase my vocal range. So if the program does not give me a way to skip to the stuff that I need the most, then it would be too troublesome. I prefer the lessons to be in separate segments.

So after using it for more than a year now, I can say this (ratings from 1-10):

1) Systematic and simple – my rating: 7

-this program is very systematic, the syllabus is well-organized, there are male and female drills, etc. In terms of being simple, though, it get quite complicated after a while. There are many different drills to work on different parts of your voice, and in the end I just chose 2 or 3 of my favourites and stuck with those.

2) Portable USB Drive – my rating: 9

-this program is really easy to use in the car radio system. Just plug in the USB choose the drill that you want, and just start practising. The drills are organized into neat folders, and within each folder, the different drills are broken into small segments. This means that if you wanted to repeat a drill, all you need to do is press the “previous” button. You don’t have to rewind just to where that particular drill starts. This saves tons of time.

3) Theory behind what is done – my rating: 8

-the program discusses the traditional drills vs their version, what’s different, and why it’s important. I gave this a high 8 because it gave me just enough for me to understand why I’m doing what I’m doing, but not too much that I get tears in my eyes out of boredom. Very hard to balance that.

4) Safety of the method – my rating: 8

-I did have some hoarseness after a few sessions, but overall I feel relaxed. There is no way to completely remove this. Your voice will become sore after a lot of singing and talking. The program doesn’t add to any natural wear and tear from natural use of the voice. That’s really good.

5) Flexible syllabus – my rating: 5

-I had to choose for myself which lesson to start first and which ones I can skip. Like any program, they recommend going through ALL the lessons. Which is very time consuming indeed. That being said, the fact that the folders are neatly organized and the lessons broken down into smaller chunks, it’s possible to do it yourself. You’ll have to go through ALL the programs first to know which is which, but it’s a one-time thing.

So there you have it, my review of Brett Manning Singing Success Program. I hope this post helps you make an informed decision in your next step as a singer. For now, I bid you adieu! =)

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