Am I the only one here that thinks this?!!

You might like singing more than you think.

Singing does it all, from impressing your love interest to boosting your immune system. It’s a fun, healthy way of life. While you may not be a professional singer, there’s a good chance you love singing with your friends at concerts or alone in your car.

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I’m weirded out by this random observation: There are lots of reality shows these days and there seems to be a TON of people watching them, but it seems to me like everyone is afraid to really try singing for themselves.

How do I know? Well, running this website, I do keyword research to find out how many people search in Google for stuff to help them learn to sing. I can tell you for a fact that there aren’t millions of people out there trying to learn to sing. I don’t think there are even 100,000 searches a month for teaching yourself to sing.

What I do find though, is that there are  a lot of searches for “me singing”. this tells me that there is a lot of people searching to hear other people sing. If you look at any Youtube video featuring someone singing in their rooms, you’ll see that they easily get 100k-200k and above views. What gives? There is interest in the art of singing, but nobody is doing it for themselves?

This is bullshit. If you’re reading this, know 2 things:

  1. You can sing. Everyone can sing. Singing is a DEMOCRACY, not a DICTATORSHIP! “But I can’t sing like Mariah Carey!” Who told you to sing like Mariah Carey?! Let me clear this shit once and for all: a lot of people cook. A lot of people can cook. They enjoy cooking. Are they getting paid for it? Not really. Do they get their own show like Gordon Ramsay? Nope. Do they have fun at it? Yup! Is the food good? Yeah, I know quite a few friends who I’ve begged them to start a restaurant. They don’t want to. They just enjoy it. Anybody can get to that level of skill where you’re good enough at something that you can have lots of fun with it. So cut the crap! SING! NOW!
  2. This website is now a clarion call, the beacon, the smoke signal, whatever. Spread the word that singing is the best type of entertainment available to us. We can do it any time, with no cost, singing whatever song, wherever we want. As far am I’m concerned, there will never be enough singers in this world. Spread the word!

That’s all for now. Go sing.

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Author: Hans

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