Adam Levine Vocal Range

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 Vocal Range in a nutshell

adam levine vocal range

Vocal Range: E2 – D5 – E6

Vocal Type: Lyric Tenor (3 octaves)
Vocal Rating: C-List
Say what you want about Adam Levine, but he has built for himself a very unique vocal sound. His voice is very easily identifiable, and although critics complain about his voice being overly nasal overall. He also tend to use a lot of falsetto, and this puts some people off as annoying or even irritating.
The thing that makes his voice really unique is the fact that it is neither very chesty nor very heady. He uses more of the mask to resonate his sound, and a lot of the times this can be considered being nasal. At the same time, he manages to blend the nasal tones in such a way that it is still somehow nice sounding, although many will argue with that.

Lyric Tenor, but with light timbre

adam levine lyric tenor
Adam is a lyric tenor, meaning that his voice is very lightweight in nature. This in turn means that he has an easier time singing lighter tones like the head voice or falsetto, but singing heavier tones like chest voice is harder for him to pull off consistently.
He really likes his falsettos, though, maybe because it’s very comfortable and easy for him to do. He can sing falsettos consistently for long durations, which is rare for male singers to be able to do.


Love him or hate him, Adam has succeeded to do what most vocalists dream of doing: to create their own voice that’s unique and recognisable. Read more voice critiques here.



Author: Hans

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