About Us

I am very passionate about music. I am not a professional musician, although I have played in a few paid gigs. I consider music as a hobby that I take very seriously. Not serious enough to turn pro, but serious enough to get good results and have fun at it.

I am also a non-conformist. I believe in exploring options, questioning deep-rooted beliefs, and doing whatever means necessary to get to the results that I want.

What I hope to achieve in this blog are 2 things:

1) to challenge the widely-held conventional beliefs, at the same time get the same results, faster and more efficiently.

2) to come into contact with people who share my passion for music and my spirit of non-conformity. I hope to build a community of people who discuss alternative ways of practising, and performing, this art and craft that I love so much.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments. Thank you, and happy singing!