2015 Learning to Sing Program

Hi, this is the post for the 2015 Learning to Sing Program that I posted in my newsletter. If you think it’s a good idea to have a group practice online like this, please comment on this post and say “I’m in”!

If we get to 100 “I’m in!” comments then we’ll go through with it. Otherwise i’ll try to get more participants to join.

The program in a nutshell:

Make a recording of yourself practicing a song or a scale
Post it on Youtube, Soundcloud etc anywhere you want
I’ll embed the links to this post
We vote on which recording is the best
The winner gets a prize

I haven’t worked out any details yet, but I think a great prize would be maybe a premium singing program. Maybe a free copy of the Singing Success Program. I haven’t decided yet.

But let’s see how many people are in on this first, we’ll figure out the details later.

And do share this with your friends who would like to sing. The more the merrier!

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Author: Hans

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