5 Top Singing Programs Review

My Review of the Top 5 Singing Programs Out There for Beginners to Start Learning How to Sing

There are lots of singing programs out there and all of them promise great results. Another thing all of them have in common is that they’re all very expensive. So as a savvy consumer, we need to make sure that we’re getting the most out of every dime of our hard-earned cash.

This is by no means the best review, but it’s my honest review after having used these programs my self. So without further ado, let’s get going:

1) Singing Success by Brett Manning

This is by far the one I’m most comfortable recommending. Brett has a proven track record of successful students who are also international superstars such as Keith Urban and Hayley Williams to name a few.

His program is not based on short term tricks, but on a more wholistic philosophy that helps you mold your voice according to your musical preferences and influences. The main thing I got from this program was that my voice rarely became sore even after singing a lot of demanding songs for long periods of time. Highly recommended. Read a more in-depth review here.

2) Per Bristow’s Singing Zone

Per is the person who opened up my mind to the fact that it’s not really necessary to practice scales right away when learning how to sing. His philosophy of teaching comes from his work as a physical therapist, and the way he approaches singing is like an athlete learning to play sports. His methods are great for getting fast results from the get go.

His method is also so very simple that I even managed to do a few rounds of exercises in my car on my way home from work. I wrote a more detailed review here. If you want to hear him actually sing, you can watch this video.

3) Four Pillars of Singing by Robert Lunte

Robert’s course outlines some interesting angles about how to use the voice. His techniques are more suited to rock music, and he even goes into more alternative methods like the hardcore scream.

I’m not into the kind of music he listens to, but I enjoyed watching his videos for the educational content. He has some great ideas about the voice that I’ve never heard anyone talk about before.

4) David DiMuzio

I just love it when vocal coaches practice what they preach. Dave is one of those guys. I first got to know him from this video of his from YouTube:

A lot of coaches can sing, but can’t teach worth a damn. David is one of those rare people who can do both. I studied the video above every day for a week, and ended up with a smoother mixed voice. He doesn’t have a singing program per se, but his videos are really helpful, and he does offer coaching via his website: http://daviddimuzio.com/.

5) Eric Arceneaux

Eric was one of the first Youtube coaches I found online when I was trying to learn how to sing. His videos were amateurish production-wise, and he’s gone from that to slick, professional videos now. Check it out:

The reason I was attracted to Eric’s methods was because we have the same voice type: bass baritone. It really hard for a bass baritone to hit high notes because we tend to naturally bring the heavy tones up to the higher registers. We can’t help it. It’s like an involuntary reflex.

As you can see in the video, Eric has managed to get that aspect of bass baritone under control, and I was hooked. I now have better control of my voice, although I still get the chest and head mixed up if I don’t practice for too long. Check out Eric’s courses here.

So there it is, my top 5. I only review stuff I have tried, and I prefer to listen to voice coaches who can demonstrate their own mastery of their voices. I hope this helps you to get started in your singing journey.